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As we set out to change the paradigm for footwear fitting, our story has been a unique one. Findmeashoe is delighted to share its journey, vision, and milestones with you through various articles. On many occasions, we have been covered by various media organizations across the globe. Pinned below are some of the articles which have put us in the spotlight. Please drop us a note if you would like to connect with us to know more about our technology, services, and passion for virtual fitting.

Press Articles

Six months, a million recommendations: Findmeashoe making giant strides in solving the problem of a perfect shoe fit

SACRAMENTO, Calif.June 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Specialty retail stores have used foot scanners for a while. In recent years, the scanner has morphed into a mobile app. In both versions, the scanner addressed a niche segment of footwear buyers who either go to stores or have the patience to download an app for buying a pair of shoes. Research shows that only 2-3% of online customers download an app to scan their feet.  


YORK Athletics Introduces Foot Imaging Tool to Identify Accurate Shoe Size at Home

Boston, MA, Oct. 13, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- YORK Athletics Mfg., a performance footwear brand, announced today the launch of the YORK Fit Finder, a three-dimensional foot measurement tool designed to identify precise shoe size using the camera on a phone or tablet. 
Developed in partnership with Findmeashoe, a world leader in digital shoe sizing and fitting, the YORK Fit Finder uses a proprietary 3D scanning technology that scans and measures

Target Thinks These 2 Indian Retail Startups Have The Right Tech To Go Big

For the first time ever, American retail giant Target has selected two Indian startups -- Find Me A Shoe and Story Xpress -- from its India-based accelerator program to participate in a retail-focused accelerator based out of Target's Minneapolis headquarter. Participating startups will focus on scaling their business and catering to the U.S. fashion market. ....More

Announcing the beta launch of the industry's first mobile-based personalized virtual fitting service for footwear retail

Find Me A Shoe, a retail technology start-up and a brand of EMBL Retail Inc., today launched the beta version of its virtual fitting service for footwear called 'Try Me'. This launch coincides with the company's selection for the prestigious Techstars Retail 2017 Accelerator Program.




Findmeashoe, OS Labs raise investments from Ventureast’s new tech fund

The VC firm just announced the first close of its sixth fund — —Ventureast Procative Fund II (VPF2). In an interaction with Techcircle, Sarath Naru, managing partner of Ventureast, said VPF2 has raised $83 million in the first round its technology fund for which it ultimately plans to raise $150 million. The first closure of the month was delayed by about a year as the VC firm had hoped to accomplish it by the second quarter of 2015. The firm hopes to close the fund in the next six months, Naru said. ....More

Using virtual reality, AI to entice online users

Even the most ardent of shoe lovers would perhaps think twice before buying a shoe online. Most would want to physically try the footwear before purchasing it. But what if technology allows e-commerce sites to comfort users by allowing them to try the footwear virtually? ....More

Startups like, Whodat & Wazzat Labs developing technologies for retailers

BENGALURU: Nestled in a narrow lane in South Bangalore is a startup that has developed a virtual trial room for the feet — to find an exact fit through selfies. Not surprisingly, is in talks with all major e-commerce firms in India, as well as a few global shoe brands, for partnerships. With three pictures of your foot, the startup can assess the right fit, with a 95% accuracy. "We digitised the art of fitting into the pseudo-science of fitting," said co-founder and chief executive .. ....More

Three on a sole-searching mission

The shoe often pinches, literally, because of poor design. The poor fit of shoes sent three engineers – Shabari Raje, Anand Ganesan and Mukul Kelkar – on a sole-searching mission around the world.

They found no promising solution and launched, a service with a focus on the online retail footwear market, estimated at ₹7,200 crore in 2015.


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