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Technology Overview

3 Outcome : Fit Recommendation


Our fit recommendation offers the best size that fits your customer's foot. In addition to the size, Findmeashoe also offers Fit Quality Score and Color-coded fit information. The Fit Quality Score allows customers to compare different footwear models and sort them if required. Color-coded fit information is the visual equivalent of trying on shoes. Our aim is to help shoppers make the right purchase decision and provide post-purchase satisfaction. In other words, we help you sell satisfaction along with the shoes.

2 Secret Sauce: Matching Algorithm


Findmeashoe uses up to 30 data points to analyze both the footwear and foot before offering a size recommendation & fit information. The recommendation engine simulates the foot inside the shoe, both in a stable position as well as during entry/exit. Our patent-pending algorithm uses not only dimensions but also the shapes and proportions which define both foot and footwear inner cavity geometry.

1 Data Capture: Foot & Shoe measurements


Foot Scanning

Findmeashoe offers a mobile app technology for retailers to integrate into their current shopping process. Shoppers need to take just 1 or at most 2 pictures of their foot, only once, as the foot doesn’t change shape or volume for adults. This will be processed by our state-of-the-art AI-enabled computer vision system to extract different information about the foot. All this happens in 10 seconds so your customer can shop instantaneously.


Shoe Scanning

Findmeashoe works with Manufacturers and Retailers to scan the styles in our warehouse. With shoe scanning, we capture accurate 3D geometry of the inner cavity of the shoes. This 3D model is later used by our services such as "Try Me" fit service or "Fit Studio" Design & QC services.

Unique features of our system


No More Guessing Shoe Size

The traditional shoe size scale used by the manufacturers relies on aggregated foot measurement(s) for fit. We don’t—our process creates a personalized foot profile and matches it with an equally detailed shoe profile to provide the best shoe recommendations.

We go beyond the basics—taking into account foot width, shape, height, and more—to ensure the perfect fit every time.


Simple, Fast Profile Creation

With our sophisticated Computer Vision approach, our process entails taking one or at most two simple pictures with a smartphone. We take it from there! In a matter of seconds, we create a personalized foot profile that can be saved for life—and instantly available whenever you shop!


Multi-Dimensional Analysis and Matching

Our process mirrors the experience of physically trying on shoes by analyzing foot shape and proportion. With up to 10 separate measurements, our analysis measures each foot like a virtual custom shoemaker—with equally unique and comfortable fit results.


All Styles, All Brands, All Personalized

We scan and model every type of footwear available to ensure customers have the selection they demand. Our process works no matter the style—sandals, boots, running shoes, and more—to eliminate the frustration of traditional size scales that do not account for the differences in shoe shape and construction.


Optimized for Best Footwear Recommendations

Our search engine eliminates the random nature of finding the right shoe fit. Instead of the traditional approach of offering any shoe based on an insufficient shoe scale number alone, our process instantly matches tailored foot profiles to shoe profiles and recommends the best fits by category. Our process saves time and reduces frustration by focusing on the best fit first.


Gift Shopping Made Easy

By sharing foot profile information with friends and family, buying shoes as a gift has never been better. Buyers need only select the profile of the desired recipient, and our recommendations remove the uncertainty of buying the wrong size. No more worries about fit. No more worries about returns.


FindMeAShoe’s seasoned team of entrepreneurs brings their passion for technology-enabled new business strategies and opportunities to the online shopping environment. With broad, international experience in computer vision, product design, and business, together they have created a game-changing technological breakthrough for e-commerce and stores in the footwear retail industry.

Anand Ganesan

Anand Ganesan

Co-founder & CEO

  • Anand Ganesan brings 15 years of chip design experience with major semiconductor companies like Intel Corporation, Philips, and similar entities in India. With additional experience in retail and supply-chain management, he focuses on business and technology development and oversees the day-to-day management of FindMeAShoe.
  • PGPX, Indian Institute of Management-Ahmedabad, BE, University of Madras.
Anand Ganesan

Shabari Raje

Co-founder & CPO

  • Utilizing eight years’ experience in UX, product design, and User Research, Shabari Raje focuses on FindMeAShoe’s product development and providing exceptional user experience for the firm’s e-commerce clients.
  • MS, Domus Academy-Milan, BE, University of Pune.
P Senthil Nathan

P Senthil Nathan

Co-founder & CTO

  • As CTO, P. Senthil Nathan brings key experience to the FindAShoe team, with 25 years of experience in deep Computer Vision and Product Development/Deployment. As a serial entrepreneur, he brings unique insights to establishing FindMeAShoe in the e-commerce space.
  • MS, Stony Brook, BTech, Indian Institute of Technology-Madras.
Mukul Kelkar

Mukul Kelkar

Co-founder & Director

  • With over 23 years of chip manufacturing and design, supply-chain experience, and government, Mukul Kelkar focuses on long-term strategy. With a background that includes the Director of Strategic Planning at Intel Corporation, he contributes to the overall direction and guidance of FindMeAShoe.
  • MBA, Kellogg School of Business, MS, Stanford University, BTech, Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi.
The Core Team

Find Me A shoe's core team is multi-disciplinary with skill set's spanning across machine learning, computer vision, footwear design, and 3D modeling. This unique blending of skills makes it possible for us to convert the subtle art of recommendations and fitting into a precise science.

Anand Ganesan

Divakar Roy

  • Divakar, Brings 10 years of industry experience in the domains of computer vision, software, and app development. Apart from those, he is involved in server management and has interests in problem-solving and automation in general. He leads machine learning to drive various development initiatives such as image-based shoe classification, mobile foot scanners, and other product lines.
  • MS Electrical and Computer Engg. Georgia Tech, US.
Harsha Sunder

Harsha Sunder

  • Harsha has worked with the manufacturing, production, and design of mechatronic and software systems. Previously he worked with Skillveri, a welding simulator manufacturer, and Microspin, a manufacturer of electromechanical textile machines. Harsha drives the image processing and machine learning modules for the mobile foot scanner.
  • Harsha has graduated in 2008 from Fergusson College with a BSc in Physics.
P Senthil Nathan


  • A footwear technologist with over 7 years of experience brings quality and precision-oriented skills from training & internship at Li & Fung, India. Rupesh contributes to building algorithms that model the science of footwear fitting. He also runs the operations for the shoe measurement collection process across geographies. Rupesh comes with a Masters in Footwear Technology, Footwear Design & Development Institute, and B.Com, Pt. Ravishankar University
Mukul Kelkar

Sohan Thakur

  • Sohan is a key driver of our operations team. His attention to detail and ability to run operations across the country makes him a special contributor to our team. Sohan also works on tasks such as data mining and pruning to feed into our machine learning models.
P Senthil Nathan

Manjunath Shetty

  • Manjunath is a core member of our operations team. He contributes to both shoe and foot data collection drives which are the baseline for our recommendation model. He also drives the training program for shoe data collection.

Techstars Logo Retail Accelerator 2017

Findmeashoe is a proud alumnus of Target Techstars Retail 2017 Accelerator program. Throughout the program, Findmeashoe worked with several mentors, customers, and testers to conducted trials that have enhanced usability, increased accuracy, and app stability. We have launched our service at end of August 2017 and have initiated several pilot and technology evaluation projects with leading footwear brands.

Techstars Logo New York Fashion Tech lab (NYFTL) 2018


The Lab connects a select cohort of women-led, b2b, fashion-focused technology companies with leading fashion retailers and brands fostering iteration, validation, and acceleration of technologies to advance the industry. Findmeashoe grew leaps and bounds through the program and connected with several leading retailers.

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