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Findmeashoe offers a variety of services to footwear manufacturing & retail ecosystem.

We help brands design footwear that fits the target population. We help manufacturers check fit quality to match the intended design. In retail, we offer our flagship virtual fitting service for both e-commerce and stores to help shoppers purchase the right fit

Single photo Web App.

Welcome to the easiest virtual fitting solution in the planet! no apps, required at all, Just click on mobile browser link and get done in sizing in 30 secs! Our technology build over the last 4 years provides you with a simple tool which allows to measure your foot in one easy click. All you need is a printer paper – either A4 or 8.5*11″ and a wall edge.Once you are ready, open the link given below on your mobile browser and just shoot!

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Three Picture App based Foot Scanner

Our mobile app service for consumers and retailers, “Try Me” brings together sizing technology and e-commerce to produce the perfect solution for the perfect fit. For the consumer, the mobile app only requires downloading and snapping three pictures. From there, our software takes care of the rest—analyzing the foot, producing a precise fit profile, and making the best recommendations for footwear in the styles and brands shoppers want.

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Personalized recommendation Widget

One unique recommendation algorithm take foot measurement data along with model & brand specific foot wear data to provide a specific size and fit score for each purchase.

Out unique fit score is representation of how you would actually try the shoe on. It specifically shows show the different fitting points which matter while selecting a particular shoe.


Shoe Visualization ( Coming Soon)

Our first of its' kind browser based AR solution which allows users to visualize how the shoe will look on their two in the comfort on their home.

On click of a button and you can experience how the looks on your feet- almost like looking down in a virtual mirror.

All of this is delivered through a browser experience and well integrated in the fitting piece. Currently limited to close shoes and few pre-defined foot position but slowly evolving to match a full blown app experience.

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Size Certification

Finding true size of the shoe is hard. Shoe is usually longer and bigger than the foot it was made to fit. True size depends on multiple dimensions & shapes – Heel to Toe length, Toe box shape, shoe width and toe height to name a few. It also depends on design factors such as fastening (laces or trim), counter design, padding, material.

Findmeashoe uses precision 3D technology to measure the shoe geometry and uses Artificial Intelligence to do the fit assessment. In it is scanning facility, the company is certifying 100+ pairs every day.

Size Certificates offered are digital in nature. Findmeashoe offers an API that can used to query and display the True size and Fit Tip for the certified shoes.

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“Fit Studio” Design & Quality Check Services

With Fit Studio, Findmeashoe offers its precision-measurement technology to brands and manufacturers to ensure quality footwear production. Our application can be integrated into any quality-assurance program, assessing whether shoe prototypes and the batch-manufacturing process meets product specifications for size and fit.

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"Get Me" Endless Aisle Solution for In-Stores

For retailers, our “Get Me” service elevates in-store customer service to a premium level. Retail staff can use the app directly with customers, helping them create their profile and working with them via in-store websites to select the perfect fit without the time and frustration of manually trying on each shoe and style. By linking our process to the inventory system, staff can find the right shoes fast, determine in-store availability, and immediately produce an order for out-of-stock items.

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"Fit Me" Custom / Bespoke Solution

Brands, manufacturers and retailers that offer custom shoe-fitting and design now have a powerful tool at their disposal. Findmeashoe’s foot-measurement application can be used to produce precise measurements of individual customers feet—resulting in the perfect fit. Our foot profile reduces the need for adjustments and changes—saving time and money for customers and custom shoe producers at all levels.

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